Why are over 35 years of business experience important?

Most Web Design and SEO companies are run by Software Designers or Web Designers that may have the technical expertise but don't know the Business world maybe as they should.
Meaning they may not understand the customer's needs and wants. If they have never been in your shoes, they really can't understand how the retail or wholesale business world works.

Why is that important?

If you are going to attract new customers to a business site, it's important that the site addresses their motivations.
And again, why is that important?

A Web site is an online sales presentation!

That deserves your best shot at demonstrating that you are the one to deal with. It establishes through its content and design, that you are an area expert, offering solid information & answering their questions.

So how does our experience help you?

Since we have experience with both retail & wholesale businesses, we understand the typical concerns, motivations, & interests that your customers have.

Our Web Design & SEO Experience!

In 1996, We saw the need for businesses to have a website & did our first site on Frontpage. In 2006 we launched DH Management.  BusinessEZsite.com, & Agentezsite.com were created. We design & specialize in SEO for all Small Business websites.


Debra Handa

Managed retail fashion merchandising stores, in New Jersey, Southern California, Fullerton, and Brea. Managed a home retail decorating store in Key West Florida, custom fabric applications, window coverings, blinds, and shutter business.

Years of experience within the music industry including everything from wholesale and manufacturing to being a wholesale rep. to owning and running a successful retail music store in Portland Oregon.

Real Estate assistant at Coldwell Banker Schmitt in the Florida Keys and office manager for Coldwell Banker Schmitt Islamorada Florida office. Sales and secretary to  DH Management, a Florida company.

Owner/Website Designer-Developer, and an SEO specialist to businessezsite.com

Dennis Handa

Past Marketing Director, and Advertising Director, for CBS network-Fender Music Division, covering National and International markets. Dealing both domestically and Internationally with Retail Stores and Wholesale Distributors.

The Sales Manager and Vice President for IMC Distributors of AKAI.
President, Studiomaster, a worldwide company in the recording industry. Owner of two successful retail ventures, created, run, and then sold at a profit.
I have an International and domestic marketing and business background and am strongly grounded in sales.

Over 20 years as a Florida REALTOR® and Most recently served as Sales Manager for Coldwell Banker Schmitt Business in the Florida Keys(3rd largest Coldwell Banker Franchise in Florida) to March of 2007. (7 years with the company)

As of 2023, we are combining agenteasysite.com

with our businessezsite.com website

Agenteasysite.com is a website we started in 2006. specializing in the Real Estate Industry. Realtors, Broker sites, and Property Management Companies. Although we service the real estate industry, this is being handled thru Businessezsite.com, going forward.

Businessezsite specializes in small businesses SEO and design. See https://businessezsite.com/ for more!


Our SEO is scientifically based, white hat methods, and not GUESSEO!

How Our Experience Will Benefit You!

We will use all of our skills to take our customer's Business Websites online, in the most user-friendly and searchable methods known in the industry.


Our SEO is scientifically based, white hat methods, and not GUESSEO!